A place I share my not so deep dark secrets.

The Stairway to Heaven

I met Mark on a group hike. I was walking slower than the others, lagging behind, taking my usual position as caboose. I have short legs, normal length for a short person. He had regular legs, normal length for a regular person. As I was coming down the “Stairway to...

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Why Cranz? I confess

Why Cranz? What is it about them? I'm asked these two questions, often. How my brain interprets: Why have you spent so much time invested in this? I mean, all roads point to major failure. Why keep going? These questions require honest and respectable answers. I...

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How to fuel an efficient mind

I confess I wake up on the wrong side of the bed nearly every morning. I start off in a funk with a full frown. On a perfect day, my dissatisfaction lasts a mili second before I flip right side up and put my feet on the floor. As I put my contacts in, the solution refreshes my eyes I think today won’t be so bad. But, nearly every night I go to bed with a grin. I have surprised myself again. I am happy with my life. It’s absurd that I begin and end the day at my pillow with the polar opposite state of mind.

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The Highlights! 2017 in Cran Diego

2017 started off slow, six months of sleepy days. I gained momentum through summer, and by Thanksgiving I was producing my best work yet. I confess I am sentimental as I reflect on 2017. While I enjoyed my first cup of coffee of 2018, I made a list of my professional highlights of the past year, in chronological order.

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The Battle Cry: ‘Because she can’

I confess... my mantra 'Because I can' is not my own. Sunday morning, I went to the beach to surf. Instead of jumping in the ocean right away I headed down the beach for coffee. I ran into one of the ladies from my surf club on the street. She showed me the cab of her...

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A happy ending

My grandma turns 97 years old just before Thanksgiving. I confess I hadn’t seen her in two years. Two months ago, my family and I took my seven-month old nephew to meet his great-grandmother on his first trip to San Diego. It was an easy visit. The baby was at the...

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Please cut off my fingers

I confess there are some days my fingers would like to get up and walk away from my body. As I type, my fingertips get this irritation, a perpetual tickle, as I press the keys. And, the way my palms brush against the edge of the table as I type, gives me the creepy...

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Why I talk to strangers

I confess this post took me two months and thirteen days to write. During that time, there was a white nationalist rally, hurricanes, a mass shooting and raging wildfires. I've been consumed by the news. I wonder if the next disaster will come for me. Will I be...

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I confess…

Don't worry, I won’t be confessing my deepest darkest secrets. I created this space to document my own stories, and conversations I’ve had with strangers. I’m keeping them safe here, while I write my novel. The lessons these strangers have shared with me have to be...

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