Welcome to CRAN DIEGO, cranifornia

Hi! I’m Andrea Rogoff, Creator of the Cranz. I proudly introduce Captain Crandon, Crispy, Carmen, Sir Crabbe… and Maximus. (He’s riding somewhere around here!)

Currently, I’m writing our first Children’s Middle-Grade fantasy fiction novel. Of course, the Cranz are center stage, but a young human-heroine just may outshine them.

My creative journey from graphic artist to novelist evolved over time. I was sure the Cranz had to live larger than I could imagine. 

I didn’t know where I was headed, but I took a step into their world and never looked back. Read more about Our Creation Story below.

our creation story

In 2013, I had a clothing shop based out of a dusty, dirty airplane hanger turned craftsman warehouse. On a hot summer day in my sweaty studio, I sat doodling at my desk, when a character appeared on my page. Soon there wasn’t enough room in my space to sell clothing. The Cranz had officially taken over.

As the story unfolded,

I decided to add human characters too. I followed the Cranz into the literary world and never turned back.

2 years later,

I launched Cran Love, a collection of colorful stationery and art prints inspired by the Cranz and their adventures in Cran Diego, Cranifornia. Still, it wasn’t enough for them. They begged me to tell their story. After much resistance, their wishes were granted.

For now,

While I finish writing our story, enjoy reading my blog A Writer’s Confessional, a place I share my not-so-deepest-darkest secrets.

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